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Notice Board

This is our news page where we will post all information that needs to be shared. If you have something that you think should be make available to all members, then contact the Secretary by email and, if possible, the information will be added to this Notice Board Page. A photo to go with your news is always rather nice!

Pike Fishing

Pike Fishing Allowed from 1st October until 31st March

Junior Members Summer Matches

Junior Summer Matches

Use of keep nets

Anglers that use keep nets including match anglers please could you air dry your keep nets on the bank for minimum of 30 minutes prior to putting them into any of the lakes. This is to limit the transfers of disease and parasites.

Ban for angler

leaving gear in a swim and leaving for hours on end is against club rules Please ensure you do not leave gear in swims to reserve them.

Bait boat rule change

22 D Rule change

Use of leader lines in no1

Leader lines on no1 pit rule change (trial period)