Constitution of the Harleston, Wortwell & District Angling Club


The club shall be named the Harleston, Wortwell & District Angling Club and the Headquarters shall be in Harleston, Norfolk
The General object of the Club shall be to promote, protect and provide facilities for the sport of Angling and to promote good fellowship and co-operation between the membership of the club and other clubs and bodies having the same objects.
The business of the Club shall be conducted by a General Purposes Committee (hereafter called GPC) of nine and a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon Treasurer & General Secretary (one post), Hon Match Secretary who shall be ex-officio members of the GPC. A representative of the Juvenile membership may also sit on the GPC but will hold no voting power. The President, Hon Vice Presidents, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon Treasurer & General Secretary, Hon Match Secretary, GPC, Juvenile representa¬tive and Hon Auditor shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, to be held at the Headquarters of the Club on the last Friday of April each year (as far as is conveniently possible) commencing at 7.30 pm. Resolutions for the AGM to be submitted to the Hon Gen Sec four weeks prior to that date. A two-thirds majority of adult paid up members present at the AGM (EGM) shall decide the activities of the Club, (members only may attend).
A balance sheet shall be prepared by the Hon Treasurer, verified by the Hon Auditor and presented to the AGM.
(a)  There shall not be less than two and no more than four Trustees of the Club, save that a Corporate Body may be the sole Trustee.
(b)  Trustees shall hold until death or resignation, or until removed from office by resolution of the General Committee.
(c)  All property of the Club (except cash, which shall be under the control of the Hon Treasurer) including fishing leases, shall be rested in the Trustees to be dealt with by them as the Committee shall from time to time by resolution direct.
(d)  The Trustees shall be indemnified out of the assets of the Club against any risk and expense incurred by them in pursuance of their office.
The Club shall consist of the following class of members:
(i)    Ordinary members, Juvenile members (8-17 years) & senior members (over 65 years)
(ii)   Temporary members
(iii)   Honorary members
Will be accepted on receipt of Annual Subscription (SUBJECT TO THE APPROVAL OF THE GPC). It is accepted that all Juvenile members shall have parent or guardian's full consent to join the Club.
Each member shall be issued with a receipt, a full set of Club Rules, fixture list and Car Sticker. The use of Car Stickers is a condition of membership for those using cars at Club controlled waters.
The Committee shall have power to elect Temporary & Honorary Members on such terms as they may determine.
The Annual Subscription payable by ordinary members shall be such as the members shall determine from time to time in General Meeting. It shall be payable in advance of joining by ordinary Members and thereafter, annually on the first day of June and shall come up for annual review.
A member may resign membership at any time by notice in writing to the Hon Gen Sec, but a member who resigns after his subscription for the current year has been paid, shall forfeit that subscription.
(a)  The General Committee shall expel from the club any Member, for conduct, which, in their opinion, is injurious or tends to be injurious, to the interests of the Club, or its objects or its members or angling. BUT before expelling a member, the GPC shall enquire into the members conduct and give such member a reasonable opportunity to defend or justify themselves, either in writing or by appearance before the GPC as they shall elect and the GPC's power shall be on a majority vote of those present at the enquiry.
(b)  An expelled member shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership, but shall remain liable for
any dues as debts to the Club which became payable or were incurred before the date of expulsion.
The Management and business of the Club shall be vested in the General Purposes Committee (here-after called the GPC, except as otherwise stated by the rules.
A Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon Match Secretary, Hon Treasurer & General Secretary shall be elected tri-annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Club, after being proposed and seconded, and indi-cating their consent, and shall be ex-officio members of the GPC. THE ONLY EXCEPTION TO THIS will be that Officers negotiating any specialised business of the Club at the time of the Annual Review shall continue in any such negotiation in co-operation with the newly elected Officer until such time as the negotiation has been satisfactorily concluded, at such time the outgoing Officer shall then step down in favour of the newly elected officer.
Officers of this Club shall, for their first term of office, be elected for the following terms:- President, Vice Presidents, Chairman, Vice-Chairman - 3 years, Match Sec, Hon. Treasurer & Gen Sec - 1 year Hon. Auditor – 2 years, and that when each of those posts comes up for re-election, these Officers may then stand for a period of 3 years.
The GPC shall consist of the aforesaid Club Officers and nine ordinary members of the Club who shall be elected at the AGM, and of whom not more than three shall live outside a twenty mile radius of Harleston, and five of whom shall form a quorum.
The General Purposes Committee, as each reach the end of their term of office, will stand for re-election (against any new candidates) and will serve for a period of three years.
A representative of the Juvenile Membership may also sit on the GPC but will hold no voting power.
The GPC (which shall meet regularly) should have the power to co-opt membership should the necessity arise and form working and organisational Sub-Committees. All GPC members must be prepared to serve on such Sub-Committees, which will be responsible directly to the GPC from whom they shall receive their terms of reference. All members serving on Club Sub-Committees are bound by the same disciplines as the GPC.
A GPC member missing three consecutive meetings, without good reason shall forfeit their place on the GPC.
An Emergency GPC shall consist of three officers and three members of the GPC and shall have the power to make decisions on urgent matters only. Ratification to be obtained at the next GPC meeting.
Any Member wishing to address the GPC during a meeting should give seven days notice to the Hon Gen Sec, stating clearly their reasons for such a request.
No monies from any fund of the Club shall be spent without the consent of the GPC and three estimates must be obtained where necessary before any major item of expenditure is involved.
(a)  The Byelaws set out in the current rules/Byelaw sheets of the Club and any Byelaws made under
paragraph (b) of this Rule, shall be binding upon the Members until repealed by the GPC or by
resolution of the Annual General Meeting, subject to any amendment made under paragraph
(b) of this rule.
(b)  The GPC shall from time to time make, repeal or amend such byelaws as they deem expedient in
the immediate interest of the Club (provided that they shall not be inconsistent with the Rules) to
take effect immediately unless set aside at an Annual General Meeting. Such modifications must
be notified at the next Annual General Meeting.
The AGM of the Club shall be held at the Headquarters of the Club on the last Friday of April each year (as far as conveniently possible) commencing at 7.30 pm; to receive and consider the audited accounts and annual balance sheet prepared by the Hon Treasurer.
An Extraordinary General Meeting shall only be convened upon requisition of nine members of the GPC or twenty members of the Club. Notice of such meeting to be sent to the Hon Gen Secretary at least 14 days prior to the proposed date thereof. The Hon Gen Sec will then notify members as stated.
(a)  Resolutions for the AGM shall be submitted to the Hon Gen Sec four weeks prior to the AGM each year, in writing, and signed by the proposer and seconder. Any such resolutions, unless withdrawn, shall be included the business of the Meeting and be placed on the Agenda.
(b)  AGENDA of the AGM (or EGM) can be obtained from the Officers of the Club upon request, or at said AGM (or EGM)
(c)  Notice of the AGM or EGM shall be adequately displayed.
(a)  Five members (not including temporary members) shall form a quorum at any General Meeting.
(b)  At every General Meeting, the Chairman or in his absence the Vice Chairman, or, in the absence
of both, a member elected by members present, shall take the Chair. The Chairman and all
ordinary and honorary adult members present, shall be entitled to vote and in the event of an
equality of votes, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.
(c)  Except as otherwise provided in these Rules, a majority of the Ordinary and Honorary adult
Members present and voting, shall carry any motion or resolution, save that no rule or Bye-Law of
the Club may be made, repealed or amended with less than a two-thirds majority of votes cast.
(d)  Only items on the Agenda may be dealt with at General Meetings.
The Club shall not be dissolved so long as ten ordinary Members belong to it and then only provided that the majority agree thereto. In the event of its' dissolution, the Club's property and assets, after sat¬isfying all liability, shall be frozen for five years, after which times to be disposed of at the Trustees discretion.
The Club will make every effort to ensure that the Club controlled waters are adequately bailiffed.
(a)  The GPC shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the club Rules and Bye-laws and the
decision of the GPC upon any question of interpretation or any matter affecting the Club, not
provided for by the Rules or Bye-laws, shall be final and binding upon the members.
(b)  In the Club Rules and Bye-laws, where the context permits, words importing the masculine shall
include the feminine and words importing the singular shall include the plural and visa-versa.